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The Old Stick

We are fully equipped with the proper safety lifesaving equipment, inspected and approved by the Canadian Coast guard. Our tuna equipment is Hardy chair and Hardy rods with Penn International fishing reels and all the equipment necessary to land a bluefin tuna according to Sport Charter Licensing. Our boat is also fully equipped with electronics such as OLEX/Navigation System, Furno Sounder, radar, GPS, VHF radios and all the necessary locating devices for bluefin tuna fishing.

Father/Son duo Allan Anderson and Blaine Anderson are the captains for the Old Stick.

Capt. Allan G. Anderson

Captain Allan Anderson has his captain papers, tickets and licenses to operate a tour boat and bluefin tuna charter from the Canadian Coast Guard.

He started fishing tuna when all the fisherman became licensed by the Canadian government in 1979. He caught every year. Our biggest tuna was landed at a weight of 1,188 lbs and most of the other fish landed were in the 900-1,000 lb range. He tried and tested many methods of catching bluefin tuna over the years and has a very good success rate as you can see in our profile winning the Sharp Cup five times. We had a lot of our own experiences in catching bluefin tuna as well as have adapted catching tuna from other experienced fisherman in the region as well as other countries.

Capt. Blaine Anderson

Captain Blaine has his captains papers, tickets, and licences to operate a tour boat and Bluefin Tuna Charter from the Canadian Coast Guard. Blaine has been around the fishing industry all his life and has been fishing Bluefin Tuna for the past 15 Years. Blaine has become experienced at hooking and bringing Bluefin to the boat!